6 Reasons Why An Instant Boiling Water Tap Is The Perfect Choice For Any Kitchen

instant boiling water tap

If the thought of enjoying instant hot water without having to wait for the kettle sounds like a luxury, you’d be right, but with a boiling water tap, it’s a convenience you can afford to experience.

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen or sorting out hard water issues, you should definitely consider an instant hot water system as part of your kitchen design. We take a look at the benefits of instant boiling water taps, and explain why Quooker taps are the right option for your kitchen.

The benefits of installing an instant boiling water tap

Boiling water taps are brilliant in their simplicity. Their compact hot water tanks are powered by electricity and plug directly into a power socket. There are so many advantages to these under-sink powerhouses we can’t list all of them. Here are some of our favourites.

One tap, multiple temperatures

If you’re a fan of the mixer tap, you’ll love the streamlined look a single boiling water tap will give you. Not only will you have instant access to boiling water for all your drinking and cooking needs, if you choose the right system, you’ll be able to have hot and cold water all from the same tap. Of course, if you prefer a separate boiling water tap, that option is also available.

Not just for coffee time

If hot drinks whenever you want them aren’t tempting enough, imagine being able to access instant hot water to cook your pasta, heat up noodles, sterilise bottles, or even defrost frozen food. With just one simple addition to your kitchen, you could save a lot of time and effort.

boiling water tap

Save time and money in the workplace

Hot water taps aren’t just for the domestic kitchen. Installing one in your workplace will mean no more time wasted waiting for the kettle to boil. A happy, hydrated workforce is a productive one, and this investment in employee wellbeing will definitely pay dividends, as well as keeping everyone refreshed.

Tidy spaces and clutter-free surfaces

One of the great things about boiling water taps is that they free up the space on your worktop previously occupied by the kettle. Although they do require a tank, this will fit easily, out of sight underneath your sink. If a tidy kitchen is your aim, an instant hot water tap is a great option.

Safer than your average kettle

There can be no doubt about it, boiling water is dangerous. However, an instant hot water tap has more safety features than your average kettle. With reduced flow to prevent splashing, and special safety measures to avoid accidental operation, you’ll be able to enjoy your instant hot water without worrying about the rest of the family.

Limescale reduction

If you live in a hard water area such as Suffolk, you’ll understand the nuisance that limescale can cause. Just like any other hot water appliance, such as washing machines or dishwashers, hot water taps can be subject to the build up of limescale.

This is where buying the right boiling water tap can really make a difference. Quooker are a good example of this; as well as offering a descaling service and kits, they’ve also developed a limescale filter that can be fitted to their taps to remove superfluous limescale before the water enters the heating unit.

instant hot water

Quooker taps – the best instant hot water option

There are plenty of hot water taps on the market but for a sleek solution and effective operation, we definitely recommend Quooker taps. Offering a choice of single mixer tap or separate boiling water tap solutions, Quooker taps are available in a range of different designs and unique finishes. No matter what the style or size of your kitchen, Quooker have the tap to compliment and enhance your design.

Quooker is the world’s only true 100°C boiling water tap (something we Brits know is essential for that perfect cup of tea), it does so with high insulation efficiency, and for a low standby cost. Quooker hot water taps can even be combined with the Quooker CUBE to provide chilled and sparkling water too.

Lots of safety features

If, like many people, safety around hot water is your first priority, the sophisticated safety features of Quooker’s boiling water taps will impress you. The Quooker handle for boiling water works completely independently from the one for cooler water, and has to be pressed twice before it can be turned. This means it’s almost impossible to accidentally turn on the boiling water tap.

On top of this, Quooker taps have a warning light ring that illuminates whenever boiling water is being dispensed. All Quooker taps are carefully insulated to prevent burns, and rotate easily for safe and accurate pouring into pans or cups.

If you’re thinking about installing a new kitchen, overhauling your old one or considering a water filter system, this is the perfect time to install a new Quooker boiling water tap. At Hart Water we offer competitive pricing on a range of filters, taps and water softeners including installation, service and repair. Get in touch today and our team will be more than happy to answer your questions, and give you advice about installing a hot water tap in your domestic or business kitchen.


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