EcoWater water softeners

At Hart Water we specialise in the installation of a range of high quality water softeners. We can advise you on the best hard water solution options for your property and requirements. EcoWater have been providing reliable water softeners for over 90 years and more importantly they manufacture 95% of the components themselves and are one of the most efficient on the market. Their range of water softeners suit all homes and family sizes.

EcoWater water softener salt

The salt supply for your EcoWater water softener will need regular topping up. At Hart Water, we supply water softener salt in block, tablet and granular form and we offer free delivery and top up service.

At Hart Water, we will only recommend domestic water softeners that will suit both your home and family requirements. EcoWater is our preferred smart water softener manufacturer and we stock products across their range, these include the refiner, the most advanced smart water softener on the market. It removes the chlorine and softens the water.

The eVOLUTION range of EcoWater water softeners

  • Smart design and technology (tailored solutions for any size of home)

  • Compact and quality water softeners with superior design

  • Wi-Fi connectivity (email or text maintenance alerts to your mobile device)

  • Real-time salt sensor with smart email alerts.

  • Optimal efficiency in water and salt use (up to 50% savings on running costs)

  • Tablet salt (easy to handle 10kg or 25kg bags)

  • Large salt storage for convenience.

  • 5 years parts and labor guarantee

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The refiner is EcoWater revolutionary water softener that has the most advanced features on the market, these include;

WiFi technology: The refiner will monitor the performance of the softener and will send information regarding, low salt, water usage and system errors via email alerts.

Precise regeneration: This helps with future water needs.

Coconut-Shell Carbon: Removes the chloramines and chlorine taste and odour and this means no separate carbon filter and filter changes, just smooth, silky soft water.

Reinforced resin tank: Will not rust or corrode.

Warranty: 5 years parts and labour.

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Free no-obligation quote

For a friendly chat and a free, no-obligation quote on the EcoWater range of water softeners. please get in touch today. Call Adrian or Jackie on 01440713095 or 07856775060.

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