*NEW* Minimax Innova

Introducing the new first environmentally friendly water softener by Harveys

With the environment at the forefront of our thinking. The minimax Innova is revolutionary in the fact that it uses 62% recycled plastics and 38% less plastic than earlier products.

Harvey introduces the new minimax Innova the next generation in water softeners with its improved design, eco features and robust testing.

  Manufactured in Britain specifically designed for our plumbing systems. With the twin cylinder design you can enjoy softened water 24/7.

Only available through trusted dealers. Your minimax dealer is expertly placed to give you the best advice for your home and needs. And with 10 years parts warranty you have the confidence that your machine is built to last.


How Innova water softeners work

The Environmentally friendly Innova water softener is plumbed into your water system and softens the water coming into your house through water softening ion exchange resin tanks. When one cylinder has reached full capacity it will then shut off to do a cleaning process.

This is what they call the regeneration process. However the second cylinder will be serving your home so there is never a break in the system, so you will always have softened water 24/7. This is the beauty of a twin cylinder design.

The whole process is powered by your own water pressure.

  • Most environmentally friendly cabinet

  • 10 year parts warranty

  • Twin cylinder design

  • Non-electric

  • Curved block salt

  • Accurate metering

  • WRAS approved

  • British design

  • Finance available


  • Height


  • Width


  • Depth


  • Capacity

    3000 litres of softened water per day

  • Regeneration

    Time required: approx: 11 minutes – Salt used per regeneration: 300g – Water used per regeneration: 17 litres

  • Water Pressure

    1-10 Bar – PRV recommended from 6 bar

  • Maximum Peak Flow Rate

    51 L/m rate

Minimax M3

  • Suitable for average home and families

  • Non-electric (accurate cleansing cycle)

  • Compact (206mm x 490mm x 445mm)

  • Block salt (easy and light to handle)

  • No servicing required

  • Twin cylinder design (no soft water supply interruption)

  • Power shower friendly

  • 10 years parts warranty

  • Finance available


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Finance Available
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