Ten Reasons Why You Should Have A Water Filter System Installed

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Water is the source of life. This is why access to clean, healthy water in our homes is so important to us. Whether we are longing for a cosy environment, invigorating showers or even a good long drink on a hot day, the water flowing from our taps is vital to both our wellbeing and our enjoyment of life.This is why so many people decide to invest in a water filter system.

Not only does filtered water taste and perform better than unfiltered water, it can also have health benefits for you and your family. There are lots of articles about the benefits of filtered water but, as we all know, too much information can be confusing. We make things really simple and give you ten easy-to-understand reasons why you should have a water filter system installed.

Tap water failures do happen

In the UK we are very lucky to have a network of water providers and water regulations that ensure our access to clean and healthy tap water. It is inevitable though that water safety breaches will occasionally occur. You will naturally want to protect your loved ones from these, and one way to do this is to fit a tap water filter. In 2018 Ofwat measured average overall water quality performance across England and Wales at 99.95%.

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Filtered water taste fantastic

As you travel around the UK you might notice the vast differences in the way water tastes and smells. In 2018 Ofwat reported 3.1 contacts per 10,000 from people reporting an unpleasant taste or smell in their water. Some of these taste issues are related to the hardness or softness of regional water but another common dislike is the chemical taste left behind by water treatment methods. Water is by far the healthiest drink for your family. If you have noticed an increase in their use of squashes or cordials, or find your tea or coffee tasting strange, now might be a good time to consider a water filter.

Drinking water filters remove chlorine

Nobody wants to feel like they’re drinking or washing in a swimming pool but for some homes, the taste and presence of chlorine is a real problem. Water companies use chlorine based disinfectants to keep their pipe networks healthy so it’s no surprise we sometimes taste it in our tap water. The best water filters remove chlorine as it comes into your home, leaving your glass of water tasting sweet, and your bath smelling fragrant.

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Water filter taps are super convenient

If you’ve ever had the hassle of heaving bottled water back from the supermarket or even topping up the filter jug, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a time and space saving way to enjoy beautiful filtered water directly from a tap. Water filters fit neatly under your sink and can be linked to separate taps. With such a tidy and effortless system, having a tasty drink of water can once again be as simple as turning on the tap.

Tap water filters remove pathogens

Pathogens are living organisms that can spread diseases. There are four main types, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protists. All of these can cause illness in humans. Water standards in the UK are high but microorganisms are inevitably present right across our distribution systems. Unpleasant microbes such as E. coli, campylobacter, giardia, salmonella, legionella and cryptosporidium all have the potential to enter our homes through contaminated drinking water. Thankfully such occurrences are rare in the UK but one of the benefits of filtered water is peace of mind.

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Filtered water is a great option if you’re pregnant

Pregnancy brings with it a huge sense of responsibility for the health of the new life growing inside you. It’s natural for you to want the very best for your baby, and common to worry about eating and drinking healthily. UK tap water is usually safe during pregnancy. If you do have concerns about contaminants such as lead, nitrates or bacteria, fitting a drinking water filter will help settle your mind. It could also help you to deal with those strange changes in taste often associated with being pregnant.

Walter filtration removes unhelpful minerals

All water contains naturally occurring minerals. The presence of these chemicals is dependent on the rock and pipe systems your water flows through before reaching your home. They are generally harmless and sometimes good for us but minerals can cause problems such as furred pipes, damaged appliances and poor cleaning experiences. The reverse osmosis system used by most tap water filters will remove minerals such as fluoride, lead, calcium and manganese.

Fitting a tap water filter system can save you money

Whilst fitting a water filter system does represent an initial spend, it is also a way of saving money. If you total what you regularly spend on bottled water, fizzy drinks and cordials, work out how many cups of tea you throw away because you don’t like the taste, and put that against the minimal cost of maintaining a water filter, you may start to see your new system as an investment that’s saving instead of costing you money.

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UK tap water may contain traces of agricultural by-products

Our natural and man-made water systems flow through agricultural land. This means they’re susceptible to contamination from excess fertilizers such as nitrates. You might be surprised to hear the UK government currently approves the use of around 2,000 different farming and horticulture pesticides. These are applied widely, and inevitably enter our water systems. During times of flood, it is also common for animal slurry to enter rivers and streams. Water filters remove the risk of these contaminants entering your home.

A water filter will give you peace of mind

Most of us want only the very best for our families and ourselves. We want our homes to be safe, clean environments where we can relax and spend time together. This isn’t too much to ask and it is more obtainable than you think. By fitting a tap water filter system you can guarantee the availability of the very safest and greatest-tasting water for all your family and visitors.

At Hart Water we promise competitive pricing on a range of filters, taps and water softeners including installation, service and repair. Our expert team will help you choose the right water filter for your home or business, and we will be there to answer your questions right through the process. Fit a water filter today and relax in the knowledge you’ve made staying at home a far more pleasant experience.


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