8 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Getting A New Water Softener System

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If you’ve already been thinking about replacing your existing salt based water softener or salt free system, the chances are you’ve been experiencing a few problems. Domestic water softeners do an amazing job of removing minerals from your water, and making sure your whole family can enjoy fresh clean water and that your household water systems remain in excellent working order. Water softener systems last a long time (around 10-15 years) but just like your other home appliances, they do eventually reach the end of their limited lifespan. We take a look at the tell tale signs that will help you understand when you need to think about getting a new water softener system.

You notice scum marks

One of the most annoying water softener problems that returns as your system starts to age, are the dirty rings and spots that appear on your washing up. These irritating deposits, and those you find all over your sinks, taps and shower cubicles, are the results of the minerals found in hard water. If your water softener system isn’t functioning properly, these mineral marks will become more and more obvious, and are a clear sign that your water softener is no longer working as efficiently as it should.

You have drier skin and less shiny hair

The minerals in hard water can leave your hair dull and your skin dry. In fact there is a link between skin conditions, including eczema, and prolonged contact with hard water. If you have noticed you are washing your hair more often or having to use more moisturiser than usual, it may be that you need to start looking at water softeners for sale, and replace your older model with a new version.

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You are still using a timed regeneration system

Regeneration is an essential part of the water softening process because it keeps water softener systems resins clear and allows them to efficiently do the job of removing minerals. Time-initiated regeneration occurs on a regular basis, regardless of how much softened water you have used. This can up your running costs when it comes to salt and water consumption. Some of the best water softener systems for economy, including the popular Harvey water softeners use demand regeneration, and regenerate only when necessary, thus cutting your consumption and saving you money.

You have decided you need a bit more space.

Domestic kitchens are the heart of our homes. We spend plenty of time in them and expect them to perform multiple functions. If kitchen storage space is becoming a premium, it might be that you would benefit from having a smaller water softener system fitted. For example the EcoWater eVolution Compact 100 water softener is suitable for small homes but is only 325mm x 555mm x 430mm, which allows plenty of capacity for additional storage underneath your sink, leaving your kitchen a clean and tidy place for the family to enjoy.

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Your family is complaining about water taste

Have you ever wondered why water tastes different in different places? There are a number of factors that impact on this but one reason is that there are far more minerals in hard water than in soft water. If members of your family have noticed that your water tastes strange, it might be a sign that you either need to think about water softener repair or invest in a brand new water softener system.

You would like softened water 24/7

In order to function efficiently, all water softeners need to regenerate their tanks. In a single tank system, this means that the system has to come offline whenever the regeneration process is triggered. It may be possible to set this to happen during the night but any water that is used at that time will be hard rather than soft. A twin tank water softener has a spare tank that can take over the job of water softening whilst the other one is regenerating. Kinetico Premiere water softeners have two tanks and come with an impressive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Your water pressure is lower than expected

It isn’t just your dishes and surfaces that can suffer from hard water. If your water softener system isn’t working efficiently enough, mineral deposits such as magnesium and calcium can build up in your water pipes and bring your water pressure down. This can cause a number of problems and may, in time, damage your plumbing and cost you money in repairs. Far better to invest in a new system now than have expensive plumber’s bills further down the line.

You are using more salt than you used to

Before you ask yourself the question, ‘How much is a water softener?’ You need to consider how much your old softener system is costing you to run. If your salt expenditure seems high, you might want to check the efficiency of your system and consider talking to a reputable supplier to find out which newer domestic water softeners might bring down your running costs.

If your current water softener isn’t giving you the results you’ve been looking for, your first step should be to talk to the experts. At Hart Water we offer a full sales, installation and maintenance service and our dedicated team will be more than happy to answer your questions about your existing system and help you understand the best options for you and your family. For expert advice and competitive pricing on a full range of filters, taps and water softeners, including installation, service and repair, please get in touch today.

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